Who We Are

S.O.S. Rescue Relief, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit relief organization dedicated to providing support to animal rescue groups, shelters and sanctuaries. The Adopt-A-Pet Shop is a brick-and-mortar storefront that provides much needed visibility to adoptable pets from rescue groups without their own retail space.  We are also licensed and inspected by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health, license number MN498050.  


Our Story

The concept of S.O.S. Rescue Relief, Inc. and The Adopt-A-Pet Shop was born during multiple difficult rescue missions. From Hurricane Katrina to volunteering at day-to-day adoption events, it became clear to our founders that the actual “saving” part was much easier than the “where do they go now?” part of the equation.  We always found willing rescue organizations but the adoption and placement of animals was challenging.  The resulting log jam of adoptable pets seemed to be the real issue confronting us, in addition to the ever-present funding issue.  Therefore, our organization was born to provide animal rescuers a dedicated physical space to conduct adoptions, increase visibility of available companion animals to the public and help streamline the current operations and efforts of partner groups.


Our Mission

  • Facilitate the adoption of animals by placing them in a comfortable environment open to the general public, thereby reducing the often lengthy adoption timeframe that occurs with lack of visibility or availability to prospective pet parents.  

  • Partner with multiple rescue organizations to impact the number of animals saved.

  • Provide day-to-day and emergency support to our rescue partners and adopters to increase our chances of placing more healthy pets in forever homes.


The Adopt-A-Pet Shop Policy

We are unable to take owner surrenders or strays. We are an adoption center who only brings in homeless pets from partner rescue and shelter organizations. If you would like guidance or need help with a pet, please check our FAQ page for some helpful hints, contact one of our partner organizations or email us with specific needs.  Our volunteer staff will get back to you as quickly as possible.



Shari and Stephanie Timberlake