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Frequently Asked Questions 


You may not be the only one asking. Here are some common questions about The Shop and pet problems that we hear often.


The Shop

Q:  What kind of pets do you have at The Shop?

A:  All of The Shop's cats and kittens live here; the dogs and puppies visit on the weekends.  Please drop by during our open hours to meet our cats but be certain to check our Facebook page or Events page for our currently scheduled dog and puppy Meet N Greets.  On any given day, we have about 20 cats and kittens at The Shop and our dog and puppy Meet N Greets allow up to 16 wagging tails! 


Q: I really want to bring a kitten or puppy home today. Can I stop by and pick one out?

A: You are welcome to stop by The Shop during regular business hours to meet our current adoptable pets. However, once you’ve found the perfect cat or dog, you’ll need to fill out an application for adoption.  Each of our rescue groups have their own application for adoption. You can expect to hear back from our affiliated groups in approximately 2-3 days. Some groups will contact you by email, some by phone. You may be asked for more information or to schedule a home visit. 


After your application has been reviewed by the rescue organization, they will let us know if your application has been approved. Once approved, please call The Shop to schedule a time for your adoption appointment.  Keep in mind, all of our rescue groups are trying to find the best match for their rescues. If a particular pet does not seem to fit your lifestyle, we recommend applying for a different animal.


Common Pet Problems

Q: I just brought my cat home….what now?!

A: If you have adopted a cat through The Adopt-A-Pet Shop, you were provided an adoption folder that included reference materials for taking care of your new cat. If you adopted your cat elsewhere or did not receive an adoption folder, you may find helpful information at the following links:


Caring For Your New Cat - Preventing Problems From Day One



Q: I just went to the pet store to pick up some kitty litter – should I get the "cheap", scented, light, or heavy stuff?

A: In general, you’ll always want to start with clumping litter.  Non-clumping (also known as clay) litter is less expensive, however it needs to be replaced more frequently as it cannot be scooped. Read the label on your litter to find out if it is indeed clumping litter.


Q: ARGH! My cat won’t use the litter box! What do I do?

A: Here are some helpful resources to get your kitty to potty in the right spot.


Top 5 Little Box Problems

Kitty Litter Box Help


Q: I have a cat at home and it’s not working out. Can I drop him off at the shop so you can help him find another home?

A: We do not take owner surrenders or strays. We are an adoption center who only brings in homeless pets from partner rescue and shelter organizations. If you would like guidance on how to re-home a pet, please email us or contact our partner organizations.


Q: Some of your adoptable cats are described with “FIV+”. What does this mean?

A: FIV stands for Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. Please visit this site for more information.



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